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Gold Panning & Nuggets

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Books on Gold Panning & Nuggets

Gold Creeks and Ghost Towns by Bill Barlee (1984, Paperback)

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Author: Bill Barlee

Ship Format ID: 2

ISBN-10: 088839988X

Format: Paperback

ISBN-13: 9780888399885

Language: English

Publisher: Big Country Books Publication

Year: 1984

Subject: Travel, Geography & Exploration

$17.95 Order Here
Gold Creeks and Ghost Towns of Northeastern Washington by N. L. Barlee goldcreeksghosttoensnortheasternwa.jpg (10721 bytes)  

Author: N. L. Barlee

Language: English

Format: Paperback

ISBN-10: 0888394527

ISBN-13: 9780888394521


Length: 223 pages

Height: 10.8 in

Width: 8.3 in

Thickness: 0.8 in

Weight: 20 oz

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The Art of Dowsing dowsing.gif (14646 bytes) "The Art Of Dowsing" by Richard Webster.  198 pages. Illustrated.  Also by titled "Dowsing For Beginners".  Hard cover with dust jacket.  The best way I can describe this book is a text book on dowsing.  Covers all aspects.   If you want to do dowsing this is a MUST read. $11.99 Order Here
Gold of the Americas Gold of the Americias.gif (15515 bytes) Written by Jenifer Marx. A history of gold and how the precious metal helped shape the history of the Americas. Published by Ram Publishing Company. 168 pages. Beautiful color pictures. $9.95 Order Here
DFX Gold Methods dfx.gif (13472 bytes) Written by Clive James Clynick.  DigDig Publications 2005.  76 pages. Some illustrations.

This book is the result of several years of research and detector field-testing. In it, Mr. Clynik draws upon his twenty-five years of metal detecting experience to create this unique guide to finding gold jewlery with the White's DFX metal detecor.

$13.95 Order Here
Water Hunting Secrets of the Pros water hunting secrets.gif (13890 bytes) "Water Hunting": Secrets of thr Pros Finding Gold and Silver in the Water with a Metal Detector.  Written by Clive James Clynick. 91 Pages. Illustrated. 

This is a good book on water detecting.  Covers target recovery, sites, equipment, and more.  Many hints and ideas. 

$13.99 Order Here
Recreational Gold Prospecting for Fun and Profit recreational gold.gif (15711 bytes) If you're just starting out in gold prospecting, this is the book for you. Here are straightforward and complete answears to all of your questions about where to go, what to bring, what to do when you get there and also when you get back home with your new-found gold. The author's vast experience in outdoor recreation and "user-friendly" writing file will help you get ready to enjoy a great activity that's loaded with fun-and profit.

Written by Gail Butler. Copywight 1998 Gem Guides Book Co. 206 pages

$12.50 Order Here
You Can Find Gold With a Metal Detector You Can Find Gold With A Metal Detector.gif (16301 bytes) Complete information on using detectors to find gold nuggets, veins and ore. 140 pages. Written by Charles Garrett and Roy Lagal. Ram Publishing Company. $9.95 Order Here
XLT Ring Enhancement Programs xlt.gif (15015 bytes) This book is written by Clive James Clynick and published by Whites Electronics in Sweet Home. This is subtiltled "A Practical Guide". This will help you set up your XLT OR DFX. Find more gold!!! 36 Pages. $6.95 Order Here
Gold Panning is Easy gold panning bk.gif (15929 bytes)  


Anyone can use a pan to recover gold from mountain streams, desert arroys or wherever it awaits. Roy Lagal tells just how easy it is.

Take your next vacation in beautiful gold country. Follow the simple illustrated instructions in this book and use Roy's patented Gravity Trap gold pan. You are certain to enjoy the glorious outdoors. And you may experience the thrill of a lifetime as you find color of your very own!

Also learn how to use metal detectors that can make discovering gold nuggets as easy as finfing coins in the park.

Written by Roy Lagal. Published by Ram Books.

$9.95 Order Here
Advanced Water Working Techniques advanced waterworking tech.gif (14287 bytes) No other single word conjures up as much mystique and excitement as TREASURE. After all, who hasn't dreamt of giving up their 9-to-5 routine and taking up the search for gold, silver and other valuables. With today's modern metal detectors and a little know-how, almost anyone can head out in their spare time and find their share of the fortune in coins, jewelry and artifacts that lie hidden in the shallow waters throughout the world.

Some of the topics include:

      : Equipment- What to use
      : Finding sites most treasure hunters have overlooked
      : Search techniques that will produce more find in less time
      : Cleaning and preserving your finds          
How to maximize your return when liquidating your finds
$9.99 Order Here
Finding Gold, Silver and Coins with the Minelab Sovereign and Excalibur Metal Detectors finding gold.gif (9546 bytes) This book covers many aspect of hunting with Minelab BBS detecors.  Includes discussion of   aftermarket coils, using tone ID, all metal hunting amd more!!  $13.95 Order Here


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