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Water Hunting Metal Detecting Books

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Water Hunting Books
Water Hunting Secrets of the Pros wh secrets.gif (13890 bytes) "Water Hunting": Secrets of thr Pros Finding Gold and Silver in the Water with a Metal Detector.  Written by Clive James Clynick. 91 Pages. Illustrated. 

This is a good book on water detecting.  Covers target recovery, sites, equipment, and more.  Many hints and ideas. 

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Advanced Shallow Water Metal Detecting

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Advanced Shallow Water Metal Detecting: Tips, Tricks, and Methods for the Shoreline Treasure Hunter

by: Clive Clynick pages: 115 size: 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 copyright: 2011

For the advanced water hunter, this book includes information to help the reader become a more versatile and effective detectorist. Topics include: equipment, assessing shorelines, VLF and PI tips, systematic methods, tips for hunting in deep or rough water, and much more.

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Advanced Water Working Techniques advanced waterworking tech.gif (14287 bytes) No other single word conjures up as much mystique and excitement as TREASURE. After all, who hasn't dreamt of giving up their 9-to-5 routine and taking up the search for gold, silver and other valuables. With today's modern metal detectors and a little know-how, almost anyone can head out in their spare time and find their share of the fortune in coins, jewelry and artifacts that lie hidden in the shallow waters throughout the world.

Some of the topics include:

      : Equipment- What to use
      : Finding sites most treasure hunters have overlooked
      : Search techniques that will produce more find in less time
      : Cleaning and preserving your finds
      : How to maximize your return when liquidating your finds
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